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Exterior Home Painting Service

A good painting job on every inch of your home, office or business place (especially the exterior) serves more than a few important purposes. Some of these purposes includes increasing the value of your home and also increasing the lifespan of your siding and trim. We are trained and fully equipped to paint the exterior walls of homes across the Denver CO. area.

Our professionals at Exteriors Now are available to guide you through the process of choosing the right paint colors for the exterior of your home or businesses and also provide free advice that can make your paint last for as long as possible. We are also available to provide the best service possible, with little or no inconvenience to you, your family and business associates.

Our exterior painting service will focus on the proper application of the paint on the exterior walls of your home. We will come fully equipped with the tools needed, such as long rollers and extension ladders to reach the upper portions of the walls. We’ll begin by suggesting the right paint product to use depending on what kind of walls you have. Once everything is prepared, we will begin by painting from one corner to the next, leaving no empty space behind. Choose us and the exterior walls of your home will get compliments left and right.


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