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Storm Damage Repair

Roof Damage

Your roof system defends your property from damage, but occasionally storms can harm your roofing, leaving it damaged and in need of repair.

There are many kinds of storms that can roll in and damage your property. Howling winds and hail can puncture, sink, and tear materials from your roofing. Leaks can emerge, and in the worst case scenario, your roof can be deemed a lost cause due to a hard enough strike. Even without severe damage, it is urgent that you have your roofing system repaired before the next storm and back to shielding your property.


Your local roofer can get your roofing system at its best by repairing roof storm damage fast. At Exteriors Now, we supply you with roofing services and roof storm damage repair throughout Denver, CO. In order to provide first rate service and repairs, our professional roofing contractors are always ready to commence your roof storm damage repairs when you need them, working within your itinerary to get your roof system restored. Your specifications and requirements are respected and your repairs are completed with top-notch roofing materials and practices.

Gutter Damage


Hail damage to gutters is typically easy to see, but only if you know where to look. The effects of hail on rain gutters can be seen in the form of dings or indentations. Depending on the hail’s direction, these dings could be on the outside of the gutters as well as the bottom (if the hail fell straight down). Unless the hail has punched holes in your guttering, which is possible, hail damage affects the look of the gutters more than the functionality. You don’t have to live with hail damaged gutters simply because it hasn’t impacted the functionality of your gutter system.

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